Repairing Your Precious Jewellery in Leicester, Leicestershire

Ensure that your treasures stay in immaculate condition with the help of Greens Jewellers. Located in Leicester, Leicestershire, we provide handy jewellery repairs including ring alterations so your favourite pieces fit you perfectly and also last for many years to come.

Resizing Your Rings

When you visit us in our store, you will be given a competitive price straight away for the alteration of your beloved jewellery. Once your new size has been accurately measured, the changes will be completed in a matter of days as we have our own skilled repairer who works swiftly while always taking care of your precious items.

Mending Your Broken Jewellery

From repairing chains to replacing precious stones, we are able to offer most repairs at our jewellery store in Leicestershire. We advise you on the way that your finished piece of jewellery will look, and all items are polished to give them a new lease of life. Due to a wealth of expertise, our team of professionals provide helpful advice on looking after your jewellery and maintaining its beautiful condition. Our prices are bespoke as they depend on the type and state of your item, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. When you are interested in purchasing a new piece of jewellery, take a look at our designer range as well as our unbranded items

Restoring Your Watches

You don’t have to worry if the glass part on your watch is scratched or broken. We offer a full repair service for a wide range of different watches, and if one has unique features, our professionals will source and obtain parts for you. When your watch requires a complete repair service, we can give you a price there and then or contact you with an estimate. Along with selling watch straps, we also fit them free of charge for your convenience.

Restringing Pearls and Beads

Delicate necklaces featuring precious pearls and beads can be prone to breaking, so we completely restring them for you. This can often be a complex process, so make sure that you visit our trained professionals who offer you a reasonable price to carefully restore your jewellery. You don’t have to wait long for your precious necklace or bracelet to be fixed. If you have a sentimental piece of jewellery that requires repairs – for example, if the clasps have broken – then we are more than capable of fixing this for you without any hassle.

Contact us in Leicester, Leicestershire, to discover more about our jewellery repairs including ring alterations.